How does it work?

​​To maintain the proper humidity level, attach the small or large Dro Saver to the inside of the lid of the jar you are using. Then apply 1-3 drops solution to the Dro Saver start. Check your product about 3 - 5 hours later and you will see the improvements. Add a drop or two every week if needed or as desired. Applying too many drops could cause the product to become too moist so you will want to start with a few drops of Dro Saver solution and only add more if needed. It is recommended that the Dro Saver be replaced every couple months for maximum effectiveness.
Portable Humidor

The Details

A Dro Saver can be added to any airtight container thanks to its adhesive backing and small size. The Dro Saver will maintain a relative humidity level between 65 - 70%, along with holding your product at a 10 - 14% moisture content creating an ideal climate for your stash. The Dro Saver does all of this without effecting the taste or smell of your product.

Dro Saver will make your product last longer while maintaining the flavor, taste, moisture, and proper humidity level for as long as you need! What more could you ask for? A Dro Saver combined with the Dro Saver solution will also prevent mold! Yes that's correct! It will prevent mold.

The Solution
The Dro Saver solution is the same solution that has been used with humidors for decades. It is made with the highest food grade propylene glycol and distilled water, it is a 50/50
mix. The solution helps the Dro Saver humidor stabilizes the humidity at an optimum level of roughly 65 - 70% relative humidity. This solution has been tested and proven to prevent mold growth and has been used with humidors for years for this reason.  

The Jars
Our glass jar will protect your trichomes, unlike a plastic bag! Storing your product in a plastic bag is cheap. You ruin the integrity of the buds and damage the trichomes. It is also good to keep the jar in a cool dark place to prevent sunlight/ UV rays from getting to your product. Sunlight exposure will reduce the quality of your product over time. Our blue jars are not completely UV protectant but they do a pretty good job at a fraction of the cost. 

​Great Deal
The Best part about our Dro Saver humidification system is that it is inexpensive! Most humidors and humidification systems out there are expensive and bulky. Other options can range from $50 - $300!! To make matters worse they are usually big and not easily transportable. The Dro Saver can be used with jars you already have which can save you money or you can purchase our high quality inexpensive Dro Saver jars.


  • Maintains humidity level

  • Maintains moisture
  • Smell or taste not effected
  • Small and portable
  • Prevents mold